An ode to women

The Self Care Coach

When a friend is in need – I am there

My heart bursting with love and affection

To comfort, to laugh, to create memories

A pillar of strength

For when I am in need she is there

I am woman



My women

Photograph by Eva Krupier from Ana Lui Photography 

To honour those before me

And blaze a trail for those that follow

I raise my voice and head

So I can be heard and the echo of my voice will last a generation

For the ceiling is only glass

I am woman


For my lover and friend I am vulnerable and strong in equal measure

I am of the partnership that binds us

I create the space for them to be masculine

And allow space to explore and be feminine

For you I am love

I am woman


My body is a vessel

For love

For life

It’s capacity for giving knows no bounds

It is my gift

I am woman


I am the glue that binds communities, families, friends

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother

I am a friend, confidant, soothsayer and agony aunt

I am a career woman, a trail-blazer and role model

I am woman


I am strong but vulnerable

Fiercely modern and yet traditionally old-fashioned

Protective and loyal

I am simple but complex

And I am all woman.

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