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I first met Angela online, which when you know her, would be no surprise.  Her killer content, kick-ass nature and spirit shone through on her High Heelers page and we quickly became friends.  I finally met this incredible woman at a networking club and it was clear we both shared a passion for helping women get out of their funk and truly live life.

Angela is the mistress of connections and ‘getting s*** done’ and was the only person I trusted enough to give my draft manuscript to as I knew she’d be brutally honest.  She sees through the every day excuses, shields women put up to protect themselves and she cuts through the bull and tells it like it is.

This is her story.

Angela Harkness

Described as a fist in a velvet glove.

Introduce yourself

My name is Angela Harkness I do business and I do ideas.  I say this because to put it simply I love business and I love ideas and when the two of them come together to create something amazing I am at my happiest.

When I then combine this with my passion to work with incredible women to either turn around a failing business into a success one or create and grow a successful stand out business I am at my highest level of joy.


“I believe that it’s ok for any woman to question “Is this what I want?” and take a bold brave step and change direction and step outside a comfort zone if that’s what’s needed.”

Tell us why you do what you do

I worked in the corporate world for over 20 years, some as an employee, many as a business owner. Business was always at the forefront of what I did, but there was something about the corporate world that was too “stay in your lane”. It didn’t fit with my values around creativity and freedom.

I love the ‘clever’ in business. It excites me to see someone take an idea to either provide people with something that would bring them pleasure or something that would take a pain away and then grow it into a success.

I believe we are living in the most exciting times. Where an amazing female entrepreneur can run a global empire via a smartphone sat in a car whilst they wait to pick the kids up from an after-school class.

A woman can indulge her passion for travel by creating a 7 figure blog that allows her to travel all year round, or someone can take a small micro niche of a product or service and create something that the world talks about.

That is why I do what I do there is nothing more exciting.

Running your own business is a huge self development journey

Photograph by Brooke Larke via Unsplash

It’s a big shift to change from the corporate world and step into your own business, what inspired you to take the leap?


As much as I disliked the corporate world I found my purpose in this world. I was surrounded by many intelligent and amazing women who were disillusioned with their careers, the battle to be recognized and the fight every woman has around trying to balance ambition for their career and their family.

Women who have so much to offer, have so many skills and the ability to be able to build something that would enhance their own life and their families but are maybe held back by their own fear of stepping out of their comfort zone.

I believe that it is ok for every woman to question their lives, it is ok no matter how much they feel they have, how grateful they feel they should be it is always ok to say “Is this what I want” and it is always ok to take a bold brave step and change direction and step outside a comfort zone.

I truly believe that the Lifestyle should dictate the business and not the other way around.

Honestly, if I had my way every woman would give up their jobs and start their own businesses.

And in your manifesto you talk about inspiring the next generation – tell us more about that


I’m so inspired by the next generation. I am passionate for young women to learn that they don’t have to take the path of higher education, job, career.

They can create freedom in their life, they can take something that they are passionate about and turn it into a business that is their life and that they build the skills, knowledge and self-esteem to do it over and over and over again and then the circle continues to teach the next generation of women that they too can do the same.

That is what inspires me every single day.

We need to inspire the next generation and let them know there is a bigger set of opportunities out there.

Photograph by Raw Pixel via Unsplash

We’ve both started our own businesses and know what a journey it can be, how do you think being an entrepreneur helps women love the skin they’re in?


There is no better way to put yourself in a programme of personal development than starting your own business. It forces you to face your limiting beliefs, fears and phobias and get past them.

Every little success just gives another little boost your self-esteem. If you face your fear about networking because you force yourself to go to events and all of a sudden you get business leads from the new people you meet.

When you make a sale, even though your limiting beliefs scream you are rubbish at sales, when you hear though applause from the audience even though every fibre of being of your being says there is no way you are ever going to speak in public.

Running your own business is in your face about how amazing you are, what you are capable of in good and bad times and how special you are at creating something that others are prepared to hand over their hard earned money for.

There is no better way than helping you to love the skin you are in than starting your own business.

And where can we find out more about your amazing work?

The first point of call is

But you’ll also find me sharing regular content and thoughts on this topic (and many others!) on all social channels.

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