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Letting go of perfect

So many of us push ourselves in multiple ways to be perfect but what would life be like if you let go of perfect and embraced life as is?

Self Love for Valentines Day

It is the season of love. Whilst Valentines focuses on romantic love I think it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on the most important love – self love.

4 powerful and easy stress reducing tips

Stress. It’s a word we’re really familiar with and use on an almost daily basis. But stress is more detrimental to your health than you realise and learning to tame it can be a game changer for your health.

Before you say yes

We’re taught from a young age that saying yes is better than to say no. It’s easier to say “yes” than “no”. But, before you do, consider these things.

The transformation of a journey

It is the very essence of our being to want to grow and transform. We long to reach the destination but is there more to learn from the journey?

What Zestember can do for you!

Zestember is an annual 30 day health challenge for September, inspiring you to invest a little bit of time every day to get healthy or healthier.

Living in the moment

Wishing away your days and hoping for the next big thing? What would it take to live in the moment?

It takes longer than you think

Why is it when it comes to our health and body and dreams we demand instant success? Why don’t we value the journey? It takes longer than you think.

Yes. You are ready.

I’m not ready. You know, I’m not quite there. A few more days. A few more pounds. Let me just tidy a bit. I’m. Just. Not. Ready. But here it is – you are!

Are you already suffering what you fear?

What is it that really scares you? What is the thing you fear above all else?

Is it Fear of change? Fear of being alone? Fear of being laughed at? Fear of failure? Fear of losing control? So many of us are SO afraid of what might be that we never move forward.

What if …?

We have two words in the English language that are the most misunderstood – they’re either your biggest springboard or your prison “what if …”

Why you need to forgive yourself

Forgiveness. It’s a word we hear a lot. “I’m sorry” is muttered at almost every indiscretion – But what does it really mean to forgive yourself?

It doesn’t always start pretty

My first trip was inter-railing around Europe but it didn’t start pretty. 15 years later and with over 50 countries visited, I owe it all to my first trip.

Is it really possible to love your body?

Looking in the mirror and feeling disgusted, ashamed, uncomfortable. Pulling, prodding, sucking in – hoping that in a certain light or angle maybe just for a moment you’ll like what you see or somehow, magically, your body will morph into something else.

You are enough

It’s hard being a woman today. We’re meant to look like a supermodel, have a high flying career, be a cook, lover, cleaner, confidant, daughter, mother and friend and never break a nail. Even Superwoman would struggle!

My perfect life

I have a confession to make… My life isn’t perfect. There, I said it. Out loud. On the internet. I mean the whole world could see that I’ve outed myself!

The biscuit or the potion?

When I think of Alice in Wonderland I think of the little girl that drank the potion and shrank. Many of us it seems, drink a potion early in life that makes us somehow believe we are meant to be small and fit through the small door in life.

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