Meet Claudia Fallah

The Self Care Coach

Claudia Fallah is London’s best-kept secret.  She’s an exceptional skin care specialist and has been helping men, women, and children for over 25 years love the skin they’re in.  Claudia works with skin trauma, acne, and scar tissue and I love that her own personal mantra is “give me the worst skin, I know I can heal it”.

So Claudia tell us why you do what you do?

I grew up in Germany and always wanted to work with people and do something in the medical field.  Education in Germany is really advanced and competitive, a lot of the degree courses I wanted to do for one reason or another, I wasn’t able to join.

Fate led me to a place where I studied beauty and skincare and started to work alongside Drs, dermatologists and got a real passion and love for the work.  I eventually came to the UK with just a few hundred pounds in my pocket and a dream of helping people with skin trauma.  I started a clinic in Harley Street over 25 years ago now and have been treating clients ever since.

I love witnessing the change in my clients, and sometimes it takes just one session with me.  They often come in embarrassed, lacking confidence and frustrated with their skin and the way they look and by the time they leave there is a noticeable difference in their skin and in them as people.

It’s my life purpose.

Claudia Fallah

Give me the worst skin, I can heal it.

And you recently created a line of products to support the work you do – tell us about that?

I have always worked with high quality, natural ingredients.  In many skincare products the high quality ingredients are used in tiny quantities so you don’t really get the impact you expect.  I wanted to be sure that everything I used with my clients was high quality, natural and safe for their skin, and mine!

I have 100% confidence that when I use a product I know exactly what is in it and can be sure that it’s the right product to use for a condition.  I poured my heart and soul into the creation of these products and now I love knowing that clients can take a piece of my work home, but I am also so excited that it is in stores now and ever people who aren’t my clients directly can enjoy beautiful skin.

“The reason I love what I do so much is because I don’t just change a clients skin, but I change their lives too.”

So what was it about working with skin trauma that attracted you?

Everybody has the right to feel beautiful, and if you like, love the skin they’re in.  When someone has skin trauma or severe skin conditions they are often impacted on so many levels and I hated to see that when I knew I could help.  Although I treat all kinds of skin conditions, and many people come to me who simply want to rejuvenate the skin and refresh it, I find working with skin trauma really rewarding as I love the impact it can have on someone’s life.

Working in this field sandwiched between medical procedures and beauty – what do you notice about how women specifically feel about their skin?

When a woman suffers with skin problems it often has a huge impact on her confidence.  It affects everyone in a different way, but many women feel very uncomfortable to go out of the house and they become very depressed about the way their skin looks.  For some, it can even impact their own beliefs about their own sense of worth and they find it hard to find a relationship or job – it’s incredibly sad.

I feel so grateful to be able to create such a huge impact and difference to somebody else’s life and I view this as my purpose in life.

What would be your one wish for women everywhere?

That they understand how beautiful they already are but also to seek support if they know they need it.

To learn more about Claudia and to find out where you can buy her incredible skin care products visit

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