What does health &
wellness mean to you?


Is it all yoga and meditation? Work hard play hard? Smoothies and juices? Is it about your waist size and other external signs of success? Or, is there a different story?

Health & wellness can
feel empty without
self love & self care.

There are whole industries dedicated to telling you you’re broken. You need fixing. You’ll only be good enough when you see a certain number in your clothes or on the scales. That “success” means having a certain job, looking a certain way and living a certain lifestyle.

But let’s be honest, magazines – and even many health and wellness professionals –  sell diets, exercise plans and tell you that’s wellness and happiness. It’s not.

They tell you that when you’re embarrassed, guilty, disgusted or simply exhausted enough – you’ll change. But that’s not worked before and it won’t work now.

You don’t need fixing. You just need some help to appreciate and prioritise yourself. What you need is a little self care.

If a good day is determined not by how you feel but by what your dress size or scales say, how many calories you ate, how many hours you worked…

If you’ve forgotten what it’s like to do things for yourself, and just for yourself, rather than trying to make yourself look happy …

If you feel like you are doing all the right things, but still feel stuck and unhappy…

These programmes are for you.

Love the skin you’re in


Every woman who struggles with food, their body and their own self-care deserves to have an ‘out’.  You just need an opportunity to explore a different way of living without years of therapy or misery.  Love the Skin You’re In is my online programme where I have poured all my years of study, personal experience and expertise into one place.  Join us and learn my step by step system to free you from your demons and teach you how to love your body, just as it is.  Come join us.

The total self care transformation


You think that being healthy would be easy.  I mean it’s just exercising and eating clean right?  Err, wrong. You know you’ve reached the point where something has to change and you simply can’t do it on your own.  Through this powerful programme we’ll work together 1-2-1 with the right system, support and accountability to transform your life and find the lifestyle, diet and self care habits that work for you.

The self care retreat


A week long retreat to incredible Machu Picchu in Peru to not only recharge the batteries but to super charge the batteries.  This is a powerful, life-changing, experience where you’ll rediscover yourself, learn tools and techniques that will help you in every aspect of your life and meet like-minded soul sisters to share the journey with.

“It’s not that Mel is the sort of coach who knows how to make her clients feel cared for. It’s that she actually does care, deeply, about each individual, and it can’t help but show.”


Business from the Heart Mentoring

“Mel is a superb coach and has helped me be happier and more successful in work and life. 

Would I recommend Mel as a coach? Yes, unreservedly. She is outstanding!”


Entrepreneur and founder of Heads Up

“Since doing the programme I’ve put healthy practices in place and for the first time in years I can truly say I love what I see in the mirror and appreciate how amazing my body is.”


Independent Finance Manager

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