What if …?

The Self Care Coach

There are two words that can be the most dangerous, or the most liberating, depending on how you use them.

“What if” can be a cage that imprisons you or a platform from which you leap.

What if … I was thinner?

… I was thinner?

… I had a boyfriend?

… I’m not good enough?

… they realise I’m a fake?

… I do something wrong?

… they stop loving me?

… they think I’m a failure?

… I can’t make?

… I can’t do it?

… I don’t deserve it?

… I fail?

… people laugh?

… they think I’m no good?

… it goes wrong?

… I look stupid?

… I lose everything?

… I’m not strong enough?

… I’m not ready?

… I appear weak?

… they hurt me?

… they don’t like me?

What if you just need a different perspective?

Photograph by Lucy Willams, My Heart Skipped

What if …

… it didn’t have to be this way?

… it IS possible?

…  you believed in yourself?

… you are stronger than you know?

…  you succeeded?

… you thought you could?

… those around you think higher of you than you realise?

… you realised so many others are rooting for you?

…  you didn’t need for it to be perfect?

… you didn’t have to have it all figured out?

… your vulnerability is your greatest strength?

… this is stopping you from being all you could be?

“What if you turned “what if” on it’s head?”

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